About FruFru

Hi, I’m Jean and FruFru is my dream come true. 

I have always enjoyed making and creating things and so in early 2015, I began researching how to turn my passion for soap making and interest in skin care, into a business.

After a great deal of research into the responsibilities and legal requirements for the cosmetic industry, in December 2015, we launched FruFru.

My dream was, and still is, to make amazing products that are kind to skin, colourful and fun as well as affordable. 

I could not of done any of this without my husband Ian and the help and support of family and friends and in June 2020, my brother Colin, joined the FruFru team.

Lots of people ask where did the name FruFru come from, well…..FruFru means girly, elaborate, elegant, fancy, frilly and fun and that kind of describes me in my many forms and is exactly how I want FruFru to be.

Mrs FruFru


Mr FruFru

Mould Maker
Heavy Lifter No.2

Brother FruFru

Heavy Lifter No.1

Dog FruFru

Eater of Dog Treats
Sleeper No.1
Reason to Work!
Real Boss